Monthly Pastor’s Report – September 12, 2017


As you know I have been privileged in years past to be a facilitator for the Ministry Development and Assessment Conference, a requirement for any new minister seeking their first district minister’s license or ordination through our district. It is a great event, and one that I found myself wishing had been required when I was going through the process as I participated the past two years. Well this year I get my chance, but with a twist; as a spouse rather than a candidate as my wife as she works out HER call. Talk about uncomfortable! If it was my theology being examined I would be golden, but the thought of having to sit and listen as she is the one answering the questions is a bit unsettling, to say the least. And answering some of the spouse’s questions on the application is all new to me as well. Why can’t we just go back to the way things have always been, to the stuff that I’m comfortable doing? More on that later…for now here is a breakdown of some of the things I’ve been involved in since we last met:


  • Attended two surgeries & made two hospital calls
  • Spoke at Men’s Challenge and the City wide men’s prayer breakfast at ACC
  • Conducted a planning session with the SDMI Board
  • Conducted training with Naomi on the prayer chain and phone tree
  • Worked with Tim to update the church website
  • Conducted two marriage counseling sessions
  • Band…band…and more band!
  • Provided counseling for several different people, either in person or via phone, for a variety of issues


Now, to answer the question I asked above. The reason I can’t go back is because God has called us to move forward. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality, that requires me to be willing to think and act differently, as well as be willing to experience new things. That’s hard for us humans because we don’t like change, but like it or not it is inevitable. So, into the great unknown I go for the first time as a minister’s spouse, as uncomfortable as that may be. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally begin to understand a bit of what Kim has had to experience over the past decade and a half. Whatever comes I can be assured of one thing – God will be in the middle of it because He doesn’t just call us to change; He leads us through it.


With you and for you,

Pastor Glen