From the Pastor

One thing I have stated over and over for the past decade I’ve pastored here is that this church isn’t merely a building and that the day might very well come where we cannot physically gather in our beautiful space; sadly, here we are. Yesterday we made a decision to close the building for the immediate future in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and while it was a tough choice it is a necessary one as we strive to keep our people safe and healthy. I have also asked many times over the past decade what we would do if we couldn’t meet in our building, and while we didn’t have a hard plan until yesterday we have been making shifts necessary to get us to the place where we can transition to an on-line format and stay connected as best as possible. Here is how we plan to do that:

  1. We will be using Facebook live for our Wednesday night bible study and prayer meeting at 7pm and our Sunday morning worship time at 10:45am. Please go to and like the page @allnazohio. We also have a YouTube channel but are currently under the limit for live streaming capabilities. If you can click the link on our FB page and subscribe to help us reach our goal that would be great!
  2. Our Sunday school teachers are looking into setting up phone or video conference and we are creating virtual small groups as well. If you are not currently in a class or small group please let us know and we will give you options as to which to join.
  3. We have created on line giving options for those without checking accounts or other direct giving options. Please be aware that there is a fee for us to use this and it would be greatly beneficial if you would adjust your gift to reflect that accordingly.
  4. We are looking for ways to offer help to those who need it in our community, as well as our church family. If you or someone you know need help shopping, cleaning, etc. please let us know and we will do what we can to assist.
  5. We are still offering one on one pastoral care as needed, either by phone, text or home visits. Just because we are trying to isolate that does not mean we are disconnecting.

We don’t want ANYONE to fall through the cracks, so please check in with us at least once a week to let us know how you are doing. You can send a message, comment on one of the videos, send in your own video showing how you are growing in grace – just let us know you are ok. And please – be real about how you are feeling. This can be an unsettling time and it’s ok to feel a bit shaken. Just know we are with you and for you as is our Lord. As Pastor Kim reminded us this past Sunday morning, “This is our time to shine!” and we plan to do just that!

Peace be with you my friends.

Pastor Glen